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How do I get to Wadi Rum Magic Nature Camp?

We will pick you up in Wadi Rum village and take you out to the camp in the 4x4, so all you have to do is get to the village. If you have your rental car, you can park it at Wadi Rum "FAMILY PARK&RIDE" We can also arrange a transfer for you from all around Jordan — just contact us and we will give you the prices and details.


Taxi prices are:

- From Aqaba (25JD)

- From Petra (40JD)

- From Aqaba airport (37JD)

- From the Eilat border (37JD)

- From Amman (100JD)

- From Dead Sea (90JD)

The bus from Amman or Petra to Aqaba is 10JD. Many people catch a bus from wherever they are in Jordan to Aqaba and then catch a taxi from Aqaba to Wadi Rum village. The bus schedule can be viewed here

What's the weather like in the desert?

The desert is a place of extremes. During the summer months, day temps reach around 35 celsius and cool off at night to just below 20, with July and August being the hottest months. The winter is cold with day temps between 10-15 celsius and very cold nights. Spring and Autumn are therefore the best places to visit Wadi Rum in terms of weather!

What else should I bring?

- A hat and sunscreen

- Towel for the shower

- Toiletries (eg. body wash, toothpaste, etc.)

- A small backpack or bag to take with you on day tours

- Enough cash to pay for your tours and any transport to and from the village. There is no ATM in Wadi Rum village so make sure you get cash out before you come!

How do I get to Wadi Rum village by car?

If you're driving down to Wadi Rum, you will want to exit the Desert Highway and follow Wadi Rum street until you reach the Visitors centre, or you can type in the coordinates 29°34′39.21″N 35°25′11.15″E. After you've paid the entrance fee (or shown your Jordan Pass) you'll follow the road once again until you reach a parking lot at the FAMILY PARK & RIDE where you can leave your car for free.

What clothes should I pack?

We recommend bringing comfortable, loose clothes that are suitable for adventuring and hiking in that are also cool and breathable — days can get hot in the desert! Sandals/slip on shoes are the best for walking in the sand and you'll also need some warmer clothes to wear at night. 

Is the tap water safe to drink?

People in Jordan generally don't drink the tap water. We provide as much bottled water as you need and also have a cold water refill station at camp to cut down on plastic waste if you have your own reusable bottle.

What's the food like at camp?

We'll cook traditional Bedouin breakfast, lunch and dinner for you every day to enjoy. Breakfast is a traditional Arabic brekkie with hummus, eggs, veggies and fruit, lunch is a light spread of Jordanian mezzes and dinner is a traditional Bedouin spread with chicken, potatoes and veggies cooked under the sand. There is plenty of vegetarian and gluten-free options and tea and coffee always available throughout the day in the communal tent. 


10 a.m

If you've booked a half day tour in the morning or a full day tour

2 p.m.  

If you've booked a half day tour in the afternoon

Depending on your plans, please arrive at the mentioned time at the Rest House parking lot.


Between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m.

We will drive you back to the Rest House parking lot. 

What time do I check-in and out?

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