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Hiking lovers can't miss this ultimate canyon trek.

Cutting through Jabal Um Ishrin and Jabal Nassrani, the Bedouin used to use this track to reach the Wadi Rum spring, a much quicker alternative than walking around the base of the mountain.

Kicking off a short distance from Wadi Rum village, your Bedouin guide will lead you up the rocks where you'll be treated to some of those epic desert views before leading you through the canyon.


We'll stop for lunch along the way and cool off in the canyon's shade before reaching the valley after a couple of hours.

*We recommend a moderate level of fitness to do this hike and wearing appropriate exercise clothes and shoes!



70 JOD - 2 Persons

55 JOD - 3-4 Persons

45 JOD - 5-6 Persons

*Price is per person

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