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Explore and discover the 'white desert' in the south of the Wadi Rum and climb viewing points overlooking the desert of Saudi Arabia in this quiet slice of desert paradise.

This is the other side of Wadi Rum — shades of white that provide a stark contrast to the red sands and dunes of the north. This region boasts some of the finest hiking trails in Wadi Rum, such as Jabal Al Hash and Jabal Umm Ad Dami. With fewer visitors and abundant opportunities to spot wildlife, this is an experience not to be missed, especially if you have more than one day to explore Wadi Rum. 

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Leave a full day to explore the sights of Wadi Rum's white desert. Start the day off after breakfast by hopping in the 4x4 to make the journey south and embark on one of the treks with our experienced Bedouin guides. 

Take a well deserved rest break and be treated to a traditional Bedouin lunch before jumping back in the car to explore some of the sights of the south, like Cow Rock and the wide, picturesque valleys of Wadi Nuqra and Wadi Sabet.


60 JOD - 2 Persons

50 JOD - 3 Persons

40 JOD - 4-6 Persons

*Price is per person


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