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Get ready to soar through the sky and see Wadi Rum from the best possible vantage point — up above!

Riding in a hot air balloon is a once in a lifetime experience, so why not do it over one of the most unique locations in the world? Drifting in the clear blue sky over the red, yellow and white sands will serve up jaw dropping views and allow you to soak up the entire Wadi Rum desert. 


Set your alarm early for this one because you'll need to be up in the sky early in order to catch a stunning sunrise. We'll drive you from camp at around 5.30/6am and take you out to the balloon company who you'll journey with up in the sky, then we'll take you back to the camp at the end of your ride. 

Remember to wear warm clothes as morning temps up in the sky can get chilly!

*Rides are subject to weather conditions.

*There is an extra fee for the transfer from/to the Launch site



JOD 165 per person + JOD 20 for transfer to/from the launch site.

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